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Predictive Security Intelligence

EarlySec is a company specialized in the development of Information Security systems. Our main focus is systems for anticipating cyber threats and intelligence in information security. We also provide advice on cybersecurity and risk analysis for public and private organizations.



Provide computing security to partners and customers through cybernetic intelligence and promote ongoing innovation through predictive cybersecurity and secure systems.



To be a reference in innovation in cybersecurity through predictive systems, disruptive technologies and cybernetic intelligence in Brazil until 2025.



EarlySec values ethics, transparency, integrity of information, and the confidentiality of sensitive information of its clients, guaranteeing security and trust in their relationships.uas relações.

Services Offered

We offer a cyber security consulting service, situating, raising awareness and training your team with best practices, security policies, among other mechanisms, to improve the security of your company..

Training of development teams in the field of information security.

Creation of security policy adapted to the universe of each organization.

Incident response and incident analysis.

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Assess risks to prevent company attacks

Assessing your company's cyber risk is of paramount importance in the current scenario of constant attacks on systems and organizations.

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EarlySec offers a cyber risk analysis service, targeting and rating your organization's degree of risk from the infrastructure landscape, applications, vulnerabilities, and processes of your business.