The most effective safety is prevention!

We are experts in developing predictive security solutions that anticipate cyber threats and detect security breaches.

Are your company safe?

In current times, protecting your business is a priority. Save your team time: leave the work of analyzing and monitoring the network with the machine. The system sends an alert when the human agent needs to intervene.



The Horus ++ platform enables the analysis and screening of cyber security messages automatically in open data sources such as Social Networks, IRC and Specialized Sites.

Who can use it?

• SOC's
• NOC's
• Security teams in general.




Artificial Intelligence for cybersecurity, which has the power of analysis and detection of Big Data security events (logs and textual sources in PT-BR and external infrastructures).

Who can use it?

• SOCs
• NOC's
• Security teams in general.


Customers and Partners

EarlySec in the press:

EarlySec partners with Baita Accelerator.

EarlySec partners with Baita Accelerator to accelerate its business.

EarlySec among the most promising for 2019.

Early CyberSecurity ++ EarlySec appears among the 20 promising Startups for 2019. A survey conducted by Insights League presented a complete picture of IT startups in Brazil.