The Horus ++ system is a platform that allows the analysis and screening of cyber security messages in open data sources, such as Social Networks, IRC and specialized websites.


How it works?

Horus ++ automatically sorts and highlights the type of message, whether it is a data leak, a denial of service attack, etc. The system is used by the RNP Security Incident Response Center (CAIS).

The Horus system is recommended for cybersecurity teams, CIRTs, CERTs, SOCs, NOCs who wish to automate the collection, analysis and disclosure of open sources of information. The system also performs forensic incident record keeping the incident artifact recorded in its database.


It is also possible, in the sources that allow, to visualize the geolocation of the information collected.

The system also makes a correlation of the registered organizations, and registers possible references to the attacks against them.

We act in consulting, deployment, setup and platform support.